Is Your Money Safe At Bank?

Most people believe that the money saved in your bank accounts are 100% safe. It's not necessarily true for everyone. Based on the data from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), more than 500 banks in the U.S. failed from 2001 to 2017. You may not get all your money back when your bank fails. This week I will talk about how safe your money is at the bank and how to make it safer if necessary.

The Tao of Wealth Management

Are you checking your investment accounts every single day? Are you constantly looking for stock tips? Are you watching the stock market all the time and afraid of missing any news on the company you invest in? More importantly, are you making investment decisions based on anything mentioned above? If you do, I recommend you read the article I share with you this week. It is written by Jim Parker, vice president of one of our strategic partner, Dimensional Fund Advisors. "It means that in some areas of life, such as investing, greater activity does not necessarily translate into better results." Enjoy reading!